114 - Body Care Set For Him

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1-114 Men Shampoo thick and strong is specially formulated to make hair feel and look thick and strong enough, enriched with caffeine and menthol extracts, this shampoo for men deeply cleanses hair and scalp with an energizing and refreshing effect.

2-114 Shower gel Ocean Wave:Formulated using the highest quality ingredients imported from Europe, our shower gel stands out as one of the few shower gels with an incredibly rich foam and a long lasting fragrance. A mild and paraben free cleansing experience inspired by the refreshing scents of nature. Infused with the scent of the deep ocean, this gel is meant to transform your daily shower into a trip to the ocean shores. Ocean Wave will not only cleanse and refresh your skin, but will also infuse it with the ocean's calm.

3-114 Body Splash Ice Cool: Following the legendary success of our classic Eau De Cologne, we chose to expand our cologne spray range. Our range of cologne sprays, formulated from the finest natural essential oils, is specifically designed to keep you fresh and lightly scented for hours. Ice Cool hypes up your energy and beats the heat.

4-114 Men Deodorant Sport is formulated with a 100% natural deodorant agent that provides you with a 24-hour protection. Its exclusive blend of intense and masculine fragrances will keep you feeling fresh and clean all day long. Stay confident and distinguished in every situation!