114 Shower Gel - Men Sport 250mL

1.00$ USD

Formulated with men body in mind and using the highest quality ingredients, our dual action shower gel for both body and hair, stands out as one of the few shower gels with an incredibly rich foam and a long lasting fragrance. A true masculine cleansing cleansing experience inspired by athletes, "Sport" features a citrusy fragrance infused with notes of sandalwood and patchouli. This shower gel will not only cleanse your skin as well as your hair but it will also energize you like a real athlete. Does not contain Parabens.


Hexyl cinammal, Linaloolnone, Tetrasodium EDTA, Citronellol, Coumarin, D-LimoneneBisabolol, Citric Acid, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazoli-Glycol, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Glucose, Propylene Glycol, Butylene 7-Chloride, Perfume, Polyquaternium, Cocamide DEA, Sodium 4-Copolymer, Glycol distearate, Laureth Glyceryl Cocoate, Coco Glucoside, Styrene/Acrylates 7-BetaÌøne, PEGAqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl.