114 - Velvet Touch Body Care Set

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1-This oriental body mist is an exclusive blend of luxurious and long lasting fragrances which will wrap you all day long in a divine scent from the magical orient.

2-The Oriental collection Shower gel is our take on oriental scents within a showering moment. Formulated with the purest ingredients and with mesmerizing fragrances inspired by the East, Velvet Musk cleanses your skin while infusing it with a long-lasting note of velvety musk straight from an oriental souk.

3-114 oriental body cream contains Shea butter, a natural moisturizer known to nourish the skin and helps restore its natural balance. This light textured yet rich cream is also infused with Argan oil which imparts to the skin a healthy looking and radiant glow while leaving it soft and supple for more than 24 hours.

4-Velvet Musk hand Mousse + Refill : Formulated without Parabens and free from Triclosan, our mousse hand wash uses a unique natural antibacterial ingredient that kills 99.9% of all harmful bacteria while protecting the pH balance of your skin and leaving an extraordinary lasting perfume. Its special pump and formulation will dispense an instant and just quantity of foam to thoroughly clean your hands without using much water thus making it both economical and nature friendly. Velvet Musk will caress your senses with the lasting smell of mysterious memories. .