Gwen - SkinCare Set

4.46$ USD

This Set Includes:

1-Gwen Gentle tonic lotion instantly soothes and invigorates your skin while maintaning its natural moisture balance. Enriched with anti-irritant Camomile extracts that effectively remove skin impurties without drying your skin.

2-Gwen Gentle cleansing milk removes make up and thorougly cleanses facial skin. Enriched with anti-irritant Camomile extracts that soothes your skin and leaves it moisturized and clean.

3-Gwen Express cleansing Water is an extremely gentle makeup remover for all skin types. It cleanses the skin leaving it smoothed and soothed. Its formula is enriched with strong anti-oxidants, Cranberry extracts and Vitamin E. It also contains Camomile and Licorice extracts which soften and calm irritation.It does not leave any filmy residue that can clog pores.